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Welcome to the art of handmade custom wood furniture by Daniel Scuderi. In the following pages you’ll find photographs and information designed to supplement your experience with our fine custom wooden furniture and antique reproductions.

Each piece of custom wooden made furniture that you find here is designed and created to be truly unique. From handcrafted antique reproductions to custom handmade wooden furniture for your home or office, we’re proud to present the passion for life displayed in the euphoric forms and the deliberate function of the life’s work of Daniel Scuderi.

Our family business started in Italy in 1910 by Andres Scuderi followed by his son and at the present time Daniel Scuderi.We mostly work for architects and interior designers. We can work with your own blueprints or pictures to build the perfect piece for you. Our goal is to provide the finest craftsmanship and services to the trade.For three generations our hands have crafted your imagination.

We specialize in custom furniture and wooden hand made antique furniture reproductions. We also manufacture custom hardware for window treatment.


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Custom Wood Furniture Restoration

Whether you want to restore, repair or simply replicate an old family antique furniture piece; whether you want to dress, highlight or accentuate your windows, bedroom set or any home furnishings. Daniel Scuderi has more than 30+ years experience inantique restoration and furniture restoration...

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Custom Made

When building custom built ins attention to detail is essential to achieve a seamless integration into the internal architecture of your home. Custom built in furniture can be the solution you were looking for. We can help with your built in furniture design that you need regardless of style. You can see for your self some of our custom built in furniture in the galleries below.

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Star Designer:
Thomas Filicia

For over 20 years Thomas Filicia and Daniel Scuderi have worked together in several projects. Thom Filicia knows that Daniel Scuderi delivers consistent high quality products and that is reflected in the longevity of their professional relationship.

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We are located minutes from mid-town Manhattan, NY.



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